Funeral Costs


The cost of a funeral totally depends upon your requirements; whether you

choose burial as opposed to cremation, a service in church as opposed to a

service at the graveside, or crematorium chapel, how many limousines you

require, what type of coffin and even the choice of type of hearse. The list

goes on, but we are here to facilitate your every need and we will always

furnish you with a written estimate of costs which will be as accurate as



We will also advise you of any relevant financial help towards the

cost of a funeral - we have our own experienced DWP specialist, who is able to fully advise you regarding claiming an allowance from the Social Fund.


We also offer our own finance programme - please ask us for details. Our attitude is a simple one: total openness with a commitment to provide reassurance and confidence to eliminate additional stress. 


No two funerals are exactly alike, so no two cost the same.


Based upon your instructions, we will tell you in detail all of the likely costs

involved, and we will work with you to provide the leavetaking ceremony that

you want and can afford.

Just a note of thanks for all you did for us , you made a very sad time a bit more bearable, the funeral was just how we wanted it to be.