Coffins and Caskets


We are able to provide a complete range of coffins including veneered and solid woods, American Caskets and hand-made willow, wicker, seagrass and bamboo coffins.


If you wish we can arrange for personally designed, colourful coffins.


There are also many different designs of cremated remains (ashes) caskets made in all of the above materials.


We are pleased to advise you on all aspects of coffin and casket selection.


You can share your choice with others by downloading the PDF brochure of our coffin range (below)


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Warwick Oak Veneer Coffin

Warwick Oak Veneer Church Coffin

Warwick Mahogany Coffin

Wells Oak Coffin

Wells Mahogany Coffin

Windsor Solid Oak Coffin with Brass Handles

Wessex Solid Mahogany Brass Handles

Colourful Coffin

Somerset Willow Oval Coffin

Willow Coffin

Cardboard Coffin

Standard & Deluxe Interior Suites

Worcester Oak Casket Closed

Worcester Oak Open

Worcester Sapele Casket

Cremated Remains Caskets

Crematorium Polytainer for Cremated Remains

Scatter Tubes

Willow Urns and Caskets for Cremated Remains

Thank you all for your kindness and compassion shown to us in our hour of need.