Arranging a Funeral




Your choice of music for the funeral service is very important and we can  advise you regarding various options available including help with any additional equipment required.


Telford, Shrewsbury and Bushbury Crematoria all operate the Wesley Music

System (, who will source all recorded music for you.


You are welcome to discuss your choices with us, and we will be pleased to make you aware of local arrangements in all crematoria and places of worship.


If the service is in church, we may need to obtain permission from the incumbent before certain music can be played, and certain restrictions regarding your choice may apply.


It is essential that any recorded music is discussed and agreed at least 72

hours in advance of the funeral. This will ensure that there is plenty of time

for delivery, downloading or rehearsal to ensure everything happens as intended.


It is not usual for last minute requests or CDs handed to us on the day to be accepted. 

Just a few words to say thank you to all at C J Williams for looking after my wife and giving her a fantastic send off, thank you so much.