The Warwick Cremation Funeral is what most families today visualise as a traditional funeral, including a hearse and limousine starting from a local address, for a service at Telford Crematorium, where all staff and services including bearers are provided, along with all the refinements that C.J. Williams have built their reputation on providing.

  • Conveyance from place of death to our private chapel of rest within 20 miles, day or night
  • Making all arrangements for the funeral to proceed                                                                     
  • Full use of chapel of rest, including preparation for viewing                                                        
  • Full administration of funeral and dealing with all relevant authorities                                     
  • Provision of necessary staff to oversee the funeral including bearers (if required)                
  • Provision of modern Jaguar hearse and limousine suitable for the carriage of 6 people, to Telford crematorium via  local address                                                                 
  • Provision of high quality Warwick Oak veneered coffin fully fitted  and trimmed in our own workshops

    Total C.J. Williams charges


Example third party fees, payable 48hrs prior to the funeral taking place

  • Standard weekday fee at Telford Crematorium


  • Doctors medical certificates (if required)


  • Example celebrant fee


Total funeral cost including third party fees



Payment Terms:

  • C. J. Williams charges 28 days from invoice
  • Third Party Fees – Payable 48 hours prior to funeral

Just a note of thanks for all you did for us , you made a very sad time a bit more bearable, the funeral was just how we wanted it to be.